How the music get reviewed by the critic

For the music track to be a hit, it has to sync with the feelings of the listener. Only if it syncs with them a music track can be a hit. It can be of any feelings, but a good music will invoke different feelings to the listener. A music critic like a movie or book critics, listen to the music composed. They go through different aspects the music. They dissect the notes of the music. They consider the loudness of the instruments. Some time good music can be spoiled due to loudness of the instrument used in the composing. So the composer should keep in mind about this while they are doing the work. Their hard work should not get spoiled due to this.

The music reviews which give positive review to particular music track or album will help the music company to sell the album for much bigger volumes. At the same time, if the album get negative reviews from professional it is tough for them to sell the album. Again, the review of professional critic may not be in sync with the general public. If the listeners can give positive reviews it will boost up the sale. Some time critic of the music reviews might give positive review but if it does not hit chord with the listening public it will not hit the charts. While reviewing a professional will look for the instrument used in the composing and notes and pitches it hit and the way it composed. Some time even the lyrics may spoil the good music and it goes other way around also. Lyrics of particular album might be great but the music may spoil that also. For a vivid fan of particular music team, these things won’t matter. They will buy the album and listen to them even if it is horribly wrong also. But the recommendation level might go down if it is bad. It is where the actual sales will get hit. As the word of mouth is powerful, it can boost up the sales chart or scale down the same.

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